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What is V.92 ? What can V.92 do for you?

Faster upstream speeds:

V.92 allows for up to 48kbps by using a PCM stream through an analog to digital conversion. The previous standard, V.90, only supports an upstream of 24kbps. This new technology has the ability to double the speed of requests sent from your computer to the World Wide Web.

Quick Connect:

Faster handshakes drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to connect. V.92 modems have the ability to store data about previous connections. This allows some of the handshake process to be bypassed, resulting in a much better connection time.

Modem On Hold:

V.92 modems have the ability to be put on hold while accepting a call-waiting call or making an outgoing call. Gone are the days where paying for a third party service is required to take a call while you are online!

For more information about the new V.92 standard, visit www.56k.com or www.modemsite.com.



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